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Today I’m going to share my travelling experience with you. I just moved to Ranchi the capital of Indian state Jharkhand from Thrissur a City of Thrissur district of the state Kerala. It was a really interesting journey and one of unforgettable memory in my ever lifetime. Since my childhood, I was in deeply love with Jharkhand, I don’t know why. But maybe it’s starry shape. Well, I decided to travel in train, because I love trains and journey in Indian Railway is something special.

I just started my voyage on 2th April from Thrissur Railway Station. The train, Alleppey-Dhanbad Express, was about 15 minutes late. The actual time of arrival is 08:30 AM while the train arrived at 08:45. The train has only two minutes halt in Thrissur Railway Station. After two minutes, on 08:47 train started. Me and my dad was only there in our compartment. After 30-40 minutes the train crossed Nila (Bharathapuzha, a famous river in Kerala, is special with it’s cultural importance and second longest river in Kerala) and arrived in Shoranur Jn. Railway Station

Image of Nila a.k.a Bharathapuzha took by me in the train.

After Shoranur, there are some small stations and then we arrived in Coimbatore Railway Station in afternoon 12:30 pm. Coimbatore is one of the metropolitan cities in Tamil Nadu. After the train departed to Erode. It’s time for food.. I wasn’t liked to have food from Indian Railway because of less quality and it may not be hygienic. That’s what I’ve saw in movies. Eventhough we ordered and the rest was really surprising…
We ordered food at 12:45 pm and before 01:00 pm food is ready for us. I was really wondered about their punctuality. But still I don’t liked to eat that. I opened the cover and I was really surprised. There are many dishes in my plate with it’s aroma. I just tasted it. It was very tasty and hygienic. I was really in a thought of their dedication to their services. But this experience has changed my approach to Indian Railway Catering Service.

In night about 9:30 pm, the train arrived at Chennai Central Station. One of the major station in South India and the head quarters of Southern Railways. The train has 120 minute of halt there. From there a few persons joined in our compartment. A family of 4 persons An uncle and aunt and their daughter and son, and three young gentlemens. We had our dinner from there and the train departed at 11:30 pm. The train was very fast in night and it was very cold.. I just fell in sleep.

Here begins the second day of my voyage. I woke up in early morning and the train was in Andhra Pradesh. It was a wonderful view there that the places around the train was covered with mist. I was wondered the train was running in sky. Well the train was nearing to Tenali Jn.,. It was a very splendid morning. This day I used to meet the people in my compartment. I became very friendly and close to them. The train passed many stations like Vijayawada, Tenali, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, etc. And it’s the end of the 2nd day of my journey. I always loved the Indian state Odisha because of it’s culture and beauty. I knew that the train has route through Odisha. I was very very excited to see Odisha. But over expectations cause sadness. The train passed Odisha in night. I just saw only blackness. 
It’s been 3 day I started my journey. The train was supposed to arrive at Rourkela in morning 5:30 am, where the train splits. The train splits into two, Alleppey-Dhanbad Express and Alleppey-Tatanagar Express (which departs to the industrial capital of India, Jamshedpur). We entered in Alleppey-Dhanbad Express because I wanted to go to Ranchi. The train departed from Rourkela station. Here I come Jharkhand…….


In morning, the train entered into Jharkhand. I was really wondered how beautiful Jharkhand is. I really felt happy because my choice wasn’t wrong. The train arrived Ranchi. And it was like a dream come true…  I was really excited to step my foot in Ranchi
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India and Srilanka is going to celebrate their New Year in April 14th

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I hope you all enjoyed my last post about the Trappist-1 planetary system. Now I’m here with an interesting news, that is India and Srilanka is going to celebrate New Year in April 14th. Wait… What? New year in April?? Is this a April fool joke?     Well, the answer is no. India is going to celebrate their regional New year on 14th April 2017. Here I’ll explain about the New year celebrations in India and Srilanka.
New year in India

We all know that India is huge country with a population of 130 Cr. population and has have above 2000 languages spreading over it’s 29 states. These 29 states has their own culture. These culture celebrates their new year. The regional New year will be on the 14th or 15th April, that is the day when the sun moves from Meena Rashiya (Regional name of zodiac sign Pisces) to Mesha or Meda Rashiya (Regional name of zodiac sign Aries). The new year is also considered as the festival of harvesting and celebration of succes. The following are the new year celebrations of some Indian states.
1. Vishu in Kerala

    One of the southern most state of India, Kerala people celebrates their regional New year as Vishu. They welcoming their new year new start and it is considered as festival of harvesting. People arrange a display with fruits, vegetables, money and gold along with the photo of hindu god Krishna. They decorate this display with the a flower called Kanikkonna (Indian laburnum). This display is known as Vishu Kani. This display would be set up in the Eve of Vishu, regionally known as Vishu Sankranti

Image of the display, Vishu Kani. Image Courtesy- Wikipedia.

People see this display in early morning and they think that viewing this display at the time of new year will give them happiness and prosperity. After seeing this display people used to welcome their new year by cracking fireworks. In morning they make a dish called Vishu Katta or Vishu Kanji, a food prepared using rice, coconut and cumin. They eat it as their breakfast along with jaggery syrup. For afternoon they make a feast called Vishu Sadhya. The elder member of the family gives money to the younger members of the family, is known as Vishu Kaineetam. Vishu Kaineetam is a symbol of receiving the luck and prosperity. The festival is commonly celebrated in April 14th or 15th. It would be celebrated on 14th April in 2017.
2. Puthhaandu in Tamil Nadu

     Another southern most state of India, Tamil Nadu celebrate their new year as Puthhaandu or Puthuvarsham which means New Year (Puthu- New Aandu- Year). They celebrate their new year by decorating their homes with lights and embroidered mats. They used to make a picture with rice powder in the entrance of their home, known as Kolam. They think the Kolam is the representative of or attract hindu goddess Mahalakshmi and this Kolam bring their home prosperity and happiness. They used to prepare a special sweet and sour dish known as Maambazha Pachhadi, a curry prepared using ripe mangoes. This festival is also celebrated by the Tamil people’s in Srilanka. People used to wish each other on that day by saying “Iniya puthhaandu nalvaazhthukkal”.

3. Pohela Boisakh in West Bengal

    Pohela Boisakh is the name of the regional new year celebrated by the people of West Bengal and Bangladesh. It is very massive festival for Bengali people. They used to celebrate their new year by giving gift to friends and relatives, visiting their homes, watching pupet shows, singing and listening to traditional songs etc. The main attraction of the festival is Mangal Shobha Yatra, the new year procession. The festival is mostly celebrated on 14th April in Bangladesh and 15th April in West Bengal.

Image of celebrating Pohela Boisakh in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Image Courtesy- Wikipedia
4. Bihu in Assam

     Bihu or Rongali Bihu is the regional new year celebrated by the people of Northeast Indian state Assam. The Bihu is a harvest festival. They celebrate the day of Bihu by dancing and visiting himes of relatives and friends. They used to work on the day of Bihu in fields as a thanksgiving to god for fulfilling their desires. Bihu is celebrated in 14th or 15th April.

5. Maha Vishuva Sankranti in Odisha
    Maha Vishuva Sankranti or Pana Sankranti is the regiona new year in the Indian state Odisha. It is also celebrated in Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. The main attraction of Maha Vishuva Sankranti is worshipping the plant Tulasi (Holy Basil) with a pot made of soil. This is known as Basundhara Theki. People in Odisha celebrate the day by visiting temple and preparing auspicious dishes like Pana and Sattuuh. Sattuuh is presented to the Tulasi at the moment of worshipping. The people conducts Mela’s and Processions

Image of Pana Sankranti celebration. Image Courtesy-Wikipedia

People uses to wish each other on the day by saying, “Maha Vishuva Sankranti ra anek anek subhechha”.

6. Baisakhi

     Baisakhi is the regional new year in India excluding the states mentioned above. The celebrations for Baisakhi is are same as the festivals mentioned above. But the mentioned states celebrate their new year as a massive festival.

New Year in Srilanka

New year in Srilanka is called Avurudu, is similar to the new year in India. It is very similar to the Vishu of Kerala and Maha Vishuva Sankranti of Odisha. The celebrations starts from the Eve of new year, known as Avurudu Eve. Avurudu is a festival of harvesting and worshipping Sun. People start celebrations from the eve of Avurudu by cracking fireworks. On the day of Avurudu, people used to see Sun. Viewing Sun first in Avurudu will bring them happiness and prosperity. They make different different of food for feast like Kiribath(Milk Rice), Kevum(A cake fried in oil), Kokis(A sweet), and Meals. They used to wear their traditional outfits in the day of Avurudu. The traditional style of Srilanka is known as Kandyan. In the night of Avurudu womens play Rabaan, a drum, is a musical instrument while men and women used to sing their traditional songs. Young girls dance with the music while the guys are the audience for this fair. The speed of Rabaan and songs will increase as the tim passes. At the final moment it will be like a bomb blast. After the fair guys will start to crack fireworks. In the next morning they worship Sun and after this the Avurudu celebration ends.
The regional new year celebrations in India and Srilanka is one of the things that we can’t explain in words.. Even though I hope you got a basic idea about the regional new year celebration. Hope you all enjoyed it. If there is any mistakes in this article, please let me know. Don’t forget to follow me in Facebook and Twitter. 

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Trappist Star System

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We all know about the Trappist Star System. Nowadays the star system has been took our attention. I was in a research about this star system to let you know the factors behind the star system.

Artist’s impression, Trappist Star System. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

The Trappist Star System, hosted by a cool red dwarf star “Trappist-1“, with a size of as huge as planet Jupiter, has 7 planets revolving around it. The star was discovered by the scientists of NASA in 1999. The star is less hot than our sun, having 2280ยฐ C surface temperature. Comparing to our sun, the star Trappost-1 is very young as it is 3-8 Gyr old approximately. The star has less luminosity than that of our sun. So we can’t see the star in naked eye. But owing to it’s low luminosity, the star have ability to live up to 12 trillion years.

Image Courtesy: @astronomylife, Instagram.

In February 2017, the scientists declared the details of it’s planets that is the planetary system is composed of seven temperate terrestrial planets of which five has a size similar to our earth and three of is orbiting in habitatable zone. 

According to the conclusion of scientists, Trappist planetary system would be a wonderland. Because the planets are situated very close to each other. Each planet is sharing their skies or one planet lies in another planet’s sky. That means in a Trappist world, we can see others planets as we see moon from our earth. But in case of this, the planet will be seen much bigger than our moon as it is not far from the planet.

A year in the closest planet is 1.5 earth days while the 7th planet’s take 18.5 earth days to complete it’s orbiting around it’s host star.

Scientists says that there is a chance for life as it has size of earth and situated in habitatable zone. There is possibility for the presence of water. However, the Trappist world is a wonderland. That’s for sure. Scientists are researching about the chances for life in Trappist world. More details about this yet to be announced. Hopefully wait for it guys. Hope you all enjoyed my post… I’ll update the details on this topic as soon as possible. Leave your comments and reviews..  Stay update to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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